About Us

Kande-Pohe Marathi Matrimony® (Kande-Pohe.com) is a Marathi matrimony, handcrafted especially for all Marathi prospective brides and grooms, existing anywhere on the planet earth or on the Mars for that matter, with a sole purpose of helping you find your life partner.

We work to bring all lovely Marathi soon-to-be brides and grooms at Kande-Pohe.com, who can be best matches for you. We just want you to find your soul mate at Kande-Pohe.com!

We, at Kande-Pohe.com, want to provide a highly safe and secure experience to all our registered users, and want to ensure that they are getting plenty of choices to select their partner from thousands of suitable matches.

We are deliberately working towards making your search more intuitive and we are very optimistic that you will find your life partner here. We have hundreds of matrimony profiles of most eligible brides and grooms from every city of Maharashtra on Kande-Pohe.com. All these profiles of brides and grooms are from castes like 96K Maratha, Brahmins, Bari samaj, Bhavsar, Bhovi, Billava, Boya Naik, Buddhist, Deshastha Brahmin, Goswami Brahmin, Gowd Saraswat Brahmin, Kokanastha Brahmin, Saraswat Brahmin, Chambhar, Chaudary, Dhangar, Dhiman, Ganakar, Gavali, Goud, Goud Saraswat Brahmin, Jangam, Kasar, Kayastha, Kharwar, Khatik, Khatri, Koli, Koshti, Kshatriya, Kshatriya Bhavasar, Kumbhar, Kunbi, Lingayath, Lohar, Mahajan, Mali Samaj, Maratha, Maratha - Gomantak, Matang, Naik, Nhavi, Panchal, Panicker, Somvanshi, Sonar, Sutar, Swarnakar, Tamboli, Teli, Vaish, Gosavi, Vanjari, Bhandari etc.

We have profiles from all professions including but not limited to Doctors, Architects, Software Engineers, Admin Professionals, Class One Officers, Government servants etc. Several matrimonial profiles have found their life partners on Kande Pohe Marathi Matrimony. Search your life partner with Kande-Pohe Marathi Matrimony®.

With our enthusiastic team, who is having innovative thinking, we hope that we would be able to make your partner search more lovely and we would be able to build lifelong relationships between two families.

We are team Kande-Pohe Marathi Matrimony® and we build lifelong relationships, means Aamhi Julavato Naati... Aayushbharachi!™